Top Best 5 Education Apps For Children / Kids — iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Here, you can get the best attractive educational apps for kids. Using these education apps you can easily teach your kids & children at home, school, etc. You can teach everything your kids by using the internet through your iPhone, iPad and iPod apps. You can easily teach many puzzles, different types of alphabetical latter, education tips and a lot more fun with learn education.

Today, most of the parents use online educational apps in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to study him, children or kids. Here bellow you get the best Education apps for kids & children.

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Top Best 5 Education Apps For Children / Kids

1) Kids Puzzles Puzzingo Education App (Free):

Kids Puzzles Puzzingo is a free educational puzzles app with lots of fun, interactive, a vocal bunch of animation. This education app providing endless fun, learning to your kids and children online on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Using this app you can teach anytime and anywhere.


• Generate lots of entertainment
• Easily added puzzles constantly
Developing your kid’s skills
100% professionally illustrated.
• Thousand of puzzles pieces.

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2) Interactive Alphabets ABC’s Educational App ($ 3.79):

Interactive Alphabets ABC’s is guided A to Z touchable tour. It is a customized educational app. You can easily add familiars images. It can trace easy latter & word drawing. Interactive Alphabets ABC’s is required ISO 5.0 & compatibles with iPhone, iPad, and iPod.


• Auto-advance through interactive lattes
26 dancing robots
• Alternative tracing strokes
Phonic sound
• Customize

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3) Green Eggs & Ham – Dr. Seuss Educational App ($4.99)

Green Eggs & Ham – Dr. Seuss is survey picture, vocabulary & trying to get green eggs. Green Eggs & Ham – Dr. Seuss is optimized for I phone 5. It is an interactive book app. This app is the #1 best education app for children & kids. 


Gold Medal – Mom’s choice award 2012
• Increasing Literacy Skill
• Learn New Vocabulary
Record line
• Parental control

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4) Monkey Math School Sunshine Educational Apps ($ 2.99)

Monkey Math School Sunshine is an educational app. This app is helpful for your child to improve their fundamental math skill. It is a very funny app. Kids can easily play without any interrupt. This app is best for developing your children or kid’s mind sharp and intelligent.


• Improve Addition & Subtraction of math skill
• Find correct sequence
Count sides of either octagon or hexagon.
• Connect the dots

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5) Endless Alphabet Educational Apps($ 8.99)

Endless Alphabet Educational Apps is increasing the I.Q. power of kids. This app is improving vocabulary and easily interactive puzzles & about letters. If u want to play this puzzle then you must have to be online & have ample disk space.


Increase vocabulary
Delightful animation
• Require ISO 5.0

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