7 best NCERT apps for android

Here is the list of best NCERT apps for android phones and tablets. You can practice NCERT Science, NCERT Social Science, NCERT Chemistry, NCERT Physics, NCERT Mathematics, and other useful NCERT exam preparation topics and study materials. It also includes previous years’ question papers with solutions and practice sets. Below you can download free NCERT apps for android.

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Top 7 best NCERT apps for android phone or tablet

1) NCERT social science app for android:

This NCERT book contains History, Geography, Civics and Economics topics of NCERT social science subject. It includes social science notes and question-answer of NCERT Book Class 9 for CBSE board. This app is one of the most used NCERT apps for android.

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2) NCERT Mathematics app for android: 12th math formulae

This NCERT math app is best for 12th class mathematics NCERT formulae and important math points for tests or other short cut methods for competitive exams. You can also practice questions of each chapter of Part 1 and Part 2.

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3) Study: NCERT, CBSE, ICSE & more

This app contains study materials of NCERT classes 6 to 12 for various subjects including Maths, Social Science, English, Sanskrit, Business Studies, Geography, Vedic maths, General knowledge, and more topics. You can practice questions on the forum, solutions over 50 reference books and 14000+ high-quality videos of NCERT books. This is one of the most used NCERT apps for android.

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4) NCERT chemistry app for android: Inorganic

This android app for NCERT chemistry is best for grade 11 and 12 chemistry equations and formulas with essential contents. It includes a periodic table and flashcards to help easily remember chemistry formulas and equations.

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5) NCERT World history app for android:

This world history app contains the French & Russian revolution, Socialism in Europe, Nazism and the rise of Hitler, Birth of Weimer republic and another useful World history. This one of the best NCERT apps for android is useful for the Civil Service exam and other competitive exam preparations.

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6) NCERT Science app for android:

Its NCERT science app contains important topics including Atoms & Molecules, Structure of the atom, Motion, Force & law of motion, gravitation, Work and energy, etc. You can practice StudyMCQs and NCERT science study material notes.

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7) NCERT solutions:

This android app includes 7500+ solved questions answers of NCERT Maths and Science (6 to12 classes). This app is also useful for CBSE Board Maths and Science exam preparations.

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Above you can download free NCERT apps for android phones and tabletss. Which of the above android apps for NCERT exam preparation would you prefer most? If you have known other useful educational apps for NCERT preparation then please share it with us.

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