Books For GPSC Class 1 2 Mains Exam Preparation

Here’s the list of best books for GPSC class 1 2 mains exam 2020-2021 preparation. This GPSC main exam contains 5 papers (3 descriptive and 2 objectives) that contain topics of Gujarati grammar, English grammar, General studies includes various topics including Indian & world geography, Public Administration, Ethics, Gujarat History, Cultural, Science & technology, and other topics.

You can see here the GPSC main exam syllabus of Paper 1 & 2, Paper 3 and Paper 4 & 5 (GS). Below you can buy the best books for GPSC class 1 2 mains exam 2020-2021. Also, check official GPSC exam details here.

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5 Best GPSC Class 1 2 Books For Mains Exam/GAS Class 1 & G.C.S Class 1 & 2 Books 2020

1) GPSC Class 1/2 Mains Book: Gujarati Language

This GPSC mains exam book contains essays, Letter, translation, Gujarati grammar, poetry, Formal speeches, précis writing, comprehension, and other Gujarati grammar topics. This is the compulsory subject for the GPSC class 1/2 mains exam. This is one of the best Gujarati grammar books for GPSC Class 1 2 mains exam preparation 2020.

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2) GPSC Class 1/2 Mains Preparation Book: English Language

This GAS class 1 & G.C.S class 1 & 2 preparation book for GPSC main exam preparation contains topics of Essay, Letter writing, Dialogue writing, Formal speeches, individual conversion with a group of people, précis writing, comprehension, translation of a passage from the English Language to Gujarati Language and English grammar (15 different topics).

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3) GPSC Class 1 & 2 Book: Geography (Optional Subject)

This Gujarati language GPSC exam book for Geography contains topics such as Physical geography including Climatology, Geomorphology, Regional geography, Oceanography, Bio-Geography, Environmental Hazards, and Regional geography contains topics of Natural resources, physical settings, Economics activities, Human resource, and Developmental issues.

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4) GPSC Class 1 2 Mains Paper 4 & 5 book: General Studies

This General studies book for GPSC class 1 & 2 main exam preparation contains topics of Gujarat History & cultural heritage of Gujarat, Economy & planning, public administration & Government business, Panchayati Raj in Gujarat, Ethics and Science & Technology, Geography of India & World and other topics.

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5) GPSC Class 1/2 Main Exam Book for Public Administration: Objective

This is the objective type multiple choice type question book for Public administration subject preparation for GPSC main exam preparation 2020.

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Above you can see the best books for GPSC Class 1 2 mains exam 2020. Which of the above GPSC main exam books should you prefer most for GPSC main exam preparation? If you have known other best GPSC class 1 & 2 books then share with us.

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