Best educational apps for TOEFL exam

Here you can get the best educational apps for TOEFL exam preparation 2020. Using these apps, you can read, heard, written and spoken in the classroom, home and anywhere. These educational apps are best to improve vocabulary, familiar with different topics such as biology, history, environment, archeology, etc.

For the preparation of the exam, you can practice reading, writing, speaking question answers. You can practice every day to improve your English grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, sentence completion, synonym, etc. Below You can get best educational apps for TOEFL exam 2020 preparation.

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Best Educational Apps for TOEFL Exam 2020 Preparations

1) TOEFL Practice Test:

TOEFL Practice Test is the best educational app for the preparation of the TOEFL exam. In TOEFL Practice Test different parts available such as reading a part, writing part, etc. Using this educational app you can practice sentence completion, incorrect word, reading comprehension, etc.


1) TOEFL Lectures
2) TOEFL Synonym
3) TOEFL Incorrect Word
4) TOEFL Conversations
5) TOEFL Sentence Completion

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2) TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcards:

This Android app is best for included 200 most important TOEFL words with high rated free flashcards for your android phone or tablet. TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcards is best to improve Vocabulary and efficient learning.


1) Deck for every difficulty level
2) Track your progress as you study
3) Smart algorithm for practice
4) Best example sentence

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3) TOEFL iBT Preparation 2020:

TOEFL iBT Preparation is best educational app for TOEFL exam preparation 2020. This educational app includes different topics such as astronomy, biology, environment, geology, history & art, Social Science, etc. TOEFL iBT Preparation is best to improve vocabulary, wide knowledge of science, etc.


1) Include 6 specific science
2) Improve vocabulary
3) Multiple choice test
4) Group choice test
5) Familiar with wide science knowledge

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4) TOEFL Grammar app 2020:

TOEFL Grammar is the best educational app for practice grammar and multiple choice type questions. You can also prepare the best vocabulary and English grammar question answer. This educational app is also useful for another exam such as TOEIC.


1) 240 Multiple choice scoring system
2) 40 error recognition questions
3) 240 grammar questions
4) Best english grammar for practice

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5) TOEFL Reading:

TOEFL Reading is the best Educational app for practice reading tests. You can also practice different English test preparation online very simply. This educational app helps to improve reading practice to provide reading questions or tests. TOEFL reading educational app is best for preparation for Online reading preparation.


1) 64 questions
2) Academic texts
3) Scoring System
4) Work in offline mode
5) Written by experts

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