Best Education apps for Android 2020

Here, you can get the best Android education apps for your mobile. Using these different apps you can easily study anywhere and anytime when you need it. In some of the apps best short cut tricks for maths and reasoning related which are most useful for competitive Exams 2020. You can daily read updated current Affair in your mobile easily and share it with others. These education apps 2020 are most useful in daily routine to update your general knowledge and other latest information. Below you can get top best education apps for your Android.

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Best Education apps for Android devices

1) Current Affair & GK Education App (Free):

Online General Knowledge app is best for preparation for UPSC, GPSC, IBPS, SBI and other exam related general Knowledge. With my experience, this app is #1 best for the latest Current Affair 2020. It daily updates the current affair on your mobile. Online GK app includes General Study, Aptitude, Language test, Exam Specific such as SSC ExamRailway Exam, Bank PO Exam, Civil Service Exam, etc.


#1 For Competitive Exam
• Best For Current Affair & GK App
• Both Hindi & English language Available
• Free and Paid Mock Test Paper
• Works in Offline Mode
• Save Favourite Question Option Available

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2) Pocket Aptitude Education App (Free):

Pocket Aptitude app is the best app for General maths and Number series, cubes, Percentage, area, volume, calendar, train-related example, probability, Clock, etc. This app is best for competitive exam reasoning and aptitude based question paper. This app has many short cut tricks which are helpful in the different exams. You can also show an answer short cut method on your mobile.


Logical Reasoning
• Important Formula is given
Describe Solution with short trick
Trains, Probability, Ratio & Proportion example, etc.
• Practice Test Type – Easy, Medium & Hard

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3) English to Gujarati & Gujarati to English dictionary (Free):

This is the best dictionary to convert Gujarati to English and English to Gujarati. This app is offline so you can easily use it anytime and anywhere. English to Gujarati dictionary Provides backup your search words and best study plan for words. This is the #1 best dictionary for Android.


No Internet Connection Required
• English to Gujarati
• Gujarati to English
Pronounce Voice Feature available
Antonyms, verbs, etc.

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4) World General Knowledge App (Free):

World Gk app is best for World Geography, Sports, Book authors, Science Technology, Awards, and Capital Currencies, etc. This app supports 7 different languages such as Hindi, English, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, French, Russian and Korean. World General Knowledge is the #1 best GK app for Android.


• More than 10000 question
• Available in 7 different language
• Constant update
Improve your Gk skill

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5) Computer awareness Education app (Free):

Computer awareness app is the best app for basic knowledge of computers such as Microsoft Office, computer memory, computer history, basic fundamental of computer, network question, etc. It is the best app for computer awareness.


600 (approx) set of question

• Improve Computer awareness

Fundamental Of Computers

Best for Competitive exam

Cloud computing, E-commerce, Short -cut key Topic, etc. available

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