Best books for Biodiversity

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Looking for the top best books for Biodiversity? Here’s the list of top environment and biodiversity books for UPSC, IAS, M.Sc and other competitive exams 2019.

These all Biodiversity books 2019 cover topics of fundamental of Biodiversity and conservation, species diversity & conservation, ecosystem diversity, plant taxonomy, biodiversity conservation & climate change, environmental stress biology and more. Check out below given best books for Biodiversity.

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5 best books for Biodiversity 2019

Book for environmental Ecology, biodiversity and climate change

This book covers topics of environment & ecology, plant & animal kingdom, Biodiversity, Biodiversity & legislation, climate change, environmental degradation & management, word resources, aquatic ecosystems and more.
Also includes core text for Civil services prelims examination paper 1 with multiple choice questions. This is one of the best books for Biodiversity.

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Magical Biodiversity of India

There are several topics under Biodiversity including Genetic diversity, Species diversity and Ecosystem diversity. In Biodiversity of India, the varieties of species living on the earth and ten Biogeographical regions including Trans Himalayas, Gangetic plain, deserts, deccan peninsula, Himalayas, Islands and more.

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Commercial use of Biodiversity

This Biodiversity book 2019 covers topics of trade of the components of Biodiversity, implications of WTO, Global scenario, case studies on the commercial use of Biodiversity, forging Bioprospecting and more. Also details of sustainable use of Biodiversity and economic benefit knowledge. This is one of the best books for Biodiversity.

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Monocultures of the MIND: Perspectives on Biodiversity

This book covers topics of impact of Biotechnology, environment & ecology, food production, ecology sustainability & cultural, Agri-cultural, diversity, ecosystem and more. This Biodiversity book has #1 good customer ratings.

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Biodiversity conservation in the Himalayas

This Himalayas Biodiversity conservation covers Biodiversity heritage sites, community reserves, conservation reserves, Biodiversity in Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand medicinal plants in Nanda devi Biosphere reserve, National guidelines with biodiversity heritage sites and more. This is one of the best books for Biodiversity 2019.

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End the list of top best books for Biodiversity. If you have known any other popular reference books for biodiversity, tell us in below comment box.


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