Best books for Genetic Engineering

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Here’s the list of best books for Genetic engineering. This Genetic engineering books include topics of Recombinant DNA technology, Human genetics, plant genetic engineering, Bioprocess engineering, Stem cell biology and gene therapy, bioengineering instrumentation, ethical issues & intellectual property rights, human physiology, Genes & disease and more.

You can see previous years solved question papers of Genetic engineering exam. Below you can buy top best books for Genetic Engineering exam preparation 2018.

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5 best books for Genetic Engineering exam preparation 2018

1) Genetic engineering book: Oxford higher education

This textbook for Genetic Engineering include topics of chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides, restriction endonucleases, plasmids, cDNA synthesis, polymerase chain reaction and other useful topics. Also include review questions and numerical exercises. This is one of the best books for Genetic Engineering exam preparation.

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2) Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular biology, Evolution & Ecology:

This book content topic of introduction of Genetical Terminology, outbreeding and hybrid vigour molecular biology, Chemical nature of Genetic materials, Replication of DNA, immunology genetic recombination and gene transfer, ecosystem, function of biogeochemical cycles and more.

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3) Genetics book:

This genetics engineering book 2018 contains medical topics of cell biology, biochemistry, material science, principal of genetics, microbiology, immunology, bioprocess & enzyme technology, human genetics, animal cell culture, pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine. Also useful for B.Sc & M.Sc, medical entrance exam UGC CSIR NET, PCS, IAS, IFS and other medical competitive exams 2018. This is one of the best books for Genetics engineering.

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4) Book for Genes and Genetic Engineering:

This Genes book 2018 contains topics of genes, DNA, fascinating biology behind genetics and genetics disorders, principals of gene manipulation and genetic engineering to revolutionize medicine, industry and agriculture topics.

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5) Principles of Genetics book:

It includes latest techniques of modern genetics including gene cloning & southern, western & northern blot analysis of genes & gene products. This book for Genetics engineering is also content gene expression, genetic engineering, cell mechanics, genetic controls of immune response and cell division and more.

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Above you can see top best books for Genetic Engineering. Which of the above Genetic engineering book should you prefer first? Let us know on below comment box.


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