Engineering mathematics books

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Here is the list of best engineering mathematics books. It content topics of linear algebra, calculus, complex variables, vector calculus, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, numerical methods, probability and statistics. These all books for engineering mathematics are perfect for GATE, IIT, JEE main and other engineering exam preparation. Below you can buy top best engineering mathematics books.

Top best engineering mathematics books for 2018

1) Mathematics practice book:

This mathematics book covers 32 chapters including theory of equations, complex numbers, sequences & series, binomial theorem, matrices, logarithms, maxima & minima, definite integration, differential equations, trigonometric equations, assertion-reason and more.

Also include 8000 questions of objective problems like MCQs with single correct option, multiple correct options and solved paper 2014 & 2015 JEE main and advanced exam.

2) Advanced Engineering mathematics book:

This book for advanced engineering mathematics include topics of differential equations, partial differential equations, Fourier analysis, vector analysis, complex analysis and linear algebra or differential equations. This is one of the best engineering mathematics books.

3) Engineering mathematics and General aptitude book:

This General Aptitude book 2018 covers GATE 2018 syllabus, latest new GATE exam pattern, all mathematical aspect of subject cover of equations, illustrations, graphs etc. Also include comprehensive solved examples & practice exercise and at the end of chapters 1-mark & 2-mark question set per GATE pattern.

You can see 2014 & 2015 GATE solved papers of various engineering including Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical, Civil, Electronics & communications and chemical & instrumentation. This is one of the best engineering mathematics books 2018.

4) Book for Higher Engineering mathematics:

This higher engineering mathematics book for 2018 exam covers important topics of engineering & computer science students, previous years solved question papers with explanations, recent papers of various university and other engineering examinations.

5) Book for Engineering mathematics solved papers:

This book for GATE solved paper includes previous year’s paper with fully solved explanations, topicwise presentation and analysis of previous papers. This is one of the best engineering mathematics books to practice exercise of GATE exam papers.

Above you can see top best engineering mathematics books. Which of the above book for engineering mathematics should you buy? Let us know on below comment box.


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