Best pharmacology books for medical students

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Here’s the list of best pharmacology books for medical students. It contents topics of general pharmacology, Autonomic nervous system & peripheral nervous system, central nervous system, Autacoids, Cardiovascular system, Chemotherapy and more. This Pharmacology books also useful for practical exam preparation.

These books for Pharmacology is useful for B pharmacy, MBBS, Nurse, USMLE, Medical students, BSC, NBE and other medical competitive exams. Below you can buy best pharmacology books for medical students.

7 best pharmacology books for medical students

1) Essentials of Medical Pharmacology book:

This Pharmacology book covers comprehensive & systematic coverage of nervous system, therapeutic, flow charts, tables and boxed point-wise important aspects. Also include text arranged under hierarchical headings, classification of certain type’s process of therapeutic. This is one of the best pharmacology books for medical students.

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2) Pharmacology book for medical graduates:

It includes various chemicals and instrument used in pharmacology, general principal of pharmacy, emulsions ointments, liniments, mixtures, suppositories, syrups and other pharmaceutical important instruction.

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3) Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics:

This book for Pharmacology content topics of general considerations and pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, general anaesthetics, sedatives, hypnotics and pharmacotherapy of sleep disorders, opioid analgesis and antagonists and more. Also include central nervous system, local anaesthetics, adrenergic agonists, histamine, pharmacology of shock, heart failure, hypertension and more. This is high rated pharmacology books for medical students.

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4) Lippincott illustrated reviews: Pharmacology

This medical pharmacology book includes antihistamines, Autonomic nervous system, principles of antimicrobial therapy, clinical toxicology and other important pharmacokinetics details. Also include 380+ study questions for self practice.

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5) Basic and Clinical pharmacology:

This clinical pharmacology book include every aspect of medical pharmacology including botanicals, pharmacogenomics, prototypes, important case studies introduce clinical problem, tables & diagrams and other important information. This is one of the best pharmacology books for medical students.

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6) Pharmacology: Prep Manual for Undergraduates

This pharmacology book for medical student contains topics of chemotherapy, autonomic nervous system, autacoids, practical & important knowledge of pharmacology etc. Also include latest exam pattern question paper for self learning.

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7) Review of pharmacology with DVD:

This book for pharmacology include NBE based pattern questions, PGMEEs (1995-2015) solved MCQs and interactive 3 hours DVD that content lecture on sympathetic system. Also useful for USMLE, PLAB, PGMEE and AIIMS exam preparation.

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Above you can see top best pharmacology books for medical students. Which of the above book for pharmacology should you prefer first? Share with us on below comment box.


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