Best economics books for competitive exams

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Here’s the list of best economics books for competitive exams 2018 such as UPSC, IAS, IAS mains, UGC NET, SLET, JRF and other exam preparation. These all economics books 2018 contains topics such as Economic thought, Theory of employment, output, inflation, money and finance, Financial & capital market, Economic growth & development, General economics, Public finance, Federal finance and other important economics related topics. Below you can buy top rated and best economics books for competitive exams 2016-2017.

5 best economics books for competitive exams 2018

1) Book for Economics:

This economics book contains 31 chapters including basic concept of economics, core of economics, contemporary mixed economy, microeconomics, product market, business organization, production, investment, aggregate demand, business cycles, monetary policies, inflation and other topics. Also includes important glossary terms with appendices. This is one of the most useful economics books for all competitive exams such as IAS mains, UPSC, UGC-NET etc.

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2) The economics book: Big Ideas

This book for economics subject includes 100+ best ideas in economics theory and practice theories. It explains all economics theories with innovative graphics, step by step summaries and mind maps. This economics book provide all knowledge of economics subject for UPSC, IAS, SLET, JRF and other competitive exams.

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3) IIMA – Day to day economics:

One of the best economics books 2018 for how taxes, stock markets, recessions work, day to day economics, role of the Government and its involvement in different aspect of economics, RBI & its function and other important economics topics.

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4) Economics Survey 2015-2016:

This book for economics survey contains most authoritative & latest economy source, summarizes policy and performance of the Government, right strategies, policies, macro-economic stability and prudent fiscal management. Also contains taxation, financial legislation, capital markets, centre and state finances and the union budget.

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5) Trueman’s UGC NET economics 2018:

This Economics book 2018 contains 10 chapters including Micro & macro economic analysis, economic planning, public finance, internationals economics and statistical methods. This UGC NET economics book contains study materials, model papers, syllabus test papers, question papers of UGC NET exam and objective type questions. This is one of the best economics books for competitive exams 2016-2017.

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Above you can buy best economics books for UPSC, IAS, IAS mains, UGC NET and other competitive exams. If you have known other best books for Economics then share with us on below comment box.


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