Public administration books 2016-17

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Here’s the list of best public administration books 2018 for prelims, mains, IAS and other civil services mains exam preparations. These all books for public administration contains topics of Introduction of Public Administration, Organizations, Accountability and control, Financial administration, Administrative law, plans and priorities, Civil services, State Government administration, Urban local government etc.

This public administration books 2018 are useful for UPSC, IAS prelims & mains, GPSC mains, CSS and other civil services exam preparation. You can also practice various model test papers, study material and question bank for self assessment. Below you can buy best public administration books 2016-2017.

5 best Public administration books 2016-17

1) M Laxmikanth book for public administration:

This public administrative book for prelim and mains exam preparation contains accountability and control, various administrative system, union Government & administration in India, state and district administration, local government and other important public administrative topics. Also includes question bank and model test papers for practice. This is one of the best public administration books for IAS 2018 and other civil service exam 2018 preparation.

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2) Governance in India:

This public administrative book 2018 contains topics of right issues, public policy, central administrative, state administrative, district administrative, law and order administration, statutory bodies, advisory bodies, executive bodies etc. Also includes practice questions on Governance related with General studies prelims and mains exam.

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3) Indian public administration book:

This book for public administration contains topics of environment, structure, behavior, functioning, impact and problems of the Indian administrative system. This is useful book for public administration IAS paper 2 exam preparation.

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4) New horizons of Public Administration:

This comprehensive book for public administration covers the topics of public-private dichotomy, bureaucratic theory, politics & administration, government accountability, participation and Governance, E-Government and other important topics. Also contains chapterwise questions for practice. This is one of the best Public administration books for political science students.

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5) Book for Public Administration and Public Affairs:

This book contains topics of political corruption & crises in public finance, governance by nonprofit organization, thinking dispositions, guerrilla government, normal accidents in public management and green tape. Also includes important questions of public finance, most relevant issues and events and other useful public administration study material for civil service mains preparation.

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Above you can buy best Public administration books for IAS mains, CSS and other civil service exam 2018 preparation. Which of the above books for Public administration should you prefer most? If you have known other useful books for Public administration mains exam then share with us.


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