How to Enable Two Step Verification On Gmail

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How to Enable 2-step verification on Gmail

Google provide Powerfull security for protect your Gmail account and password using two step verification method. In today technology world several problem for stolen your password or important data by using different ways such as cyber crime, hacking, unwanted emails and much more. Two step verification helps to secure your important data and password.

If you don’t use 2-step verification on your Google account then sometime its possible to somebudy heck your Google account or stollen your password. So it can access anytime your Google account and use your personal information and important mail without any problem. 

But if you used two step verification in your Google account, anybody try to login your account with correct email and password, he must need a verification code which will be sent by Google on your registration number or call on your register mobile number. So below you can get step for how to enable two step verification your Gmail account.

How To Enable 2-Step Verification on Your Gmail Account

Step 1: Go To

Step 2: Sing in with your Google account
If you have not create your Google account then Click Here

Step 3: After login you will see various account settings such as security check up, personal info, signing in, recent activity, Account tools etc. Scroll down below upto Signing in setting.

Step 4: In the Signing In Click the two step verification.

Step 5: Click on the Start Setup button

Step 6: Now, you will enter your phone number for receving text message or voice call. After write your phone number click one of the below radio button option.

1) Text Message: Choosing this option google send verification code to your mobile.

2) Voice Call: Choosing this option google calling to your mobile number for code.

Step 7: click on the Send Button.

Step 8: After step 7 Google send text message code or voice call for verification.

Step 9: To verification of code you will see above image.

Step 10: Click on the Next button.

Now you have successfully activate or verify your Google account. Your two step verification is enable

After completing two step verification you can see above image.

You can also set backup number if your primary number is not available and you can also backup code for if you have going for some trip or your phone not work correctly.

Now that’s all. You can successfully activate your two 2-step verification on your Google account.


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