Best Educational Apps For GRE Exam Preparation

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Best Educational Apps For GRE Exam

Here You can get best educational apps for GRE exam preparation. Using this educational apps you can easily preparation different GRE Exam topics such as GRE Vocabulary, GRE Math, GRE most important word list and much more. You can also use this educational apps in other exam such as GMAT, CAT, SAT etc.

There are several Android educational apps available for GRE Exam preparation but below you can get best apps for GRE Exam Preparation. All these educational apps have a good ratting given by students and free to dwonload.

Best Apps For GRE Exam Preparation

1) GRE Vocabulary Trainer:

GRE Vocabulary Trainer is best educational app for preparing Vocabulary, words, special Vocab preparation etc. This educational app also included approximately 4000 words for best preparation of vocabulary. GRE Vocabulary Trainer app also offer different Vocabulary games so you can learn easily, more interactive and graceful.


1) 4000 words
2) Best Vocabulary games
3) Classic Content
4) Excellent for Vocabulary preparation
5) Easy to remember words

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2) Pocket GRE Math:

Pocket GRE Maths is best educational app for GRE exam different topic preparation like as Time & Distance, Number Theory, Ages, Average, Fractions and much more. This educational apps also include approximately 900 practice question in different 19 math topics.

Using this GRE educational app you can improve calculation speed, save time for exam, improve logical and mental ability. You can also use this android educational apps in different exam such as, GMAT, CAT, CSAT etc.


1) Best for practice Logical and reasoning maths
2) 900 questions & 19 different topics
3) Practice anytime and anywhere
4) Important formula for each topic

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3) GRE Exam Preparation:

GRE Exam Preparation app is best preparation app for different GRE courses such as math and analytical reasoning, Verbal reasoning, Vocabulary etc. This educational app also included best GRE preparation study notes, practice question answer, more than 3500 vocabulary flashcards and much more.


1) Best Verbal math material
2) 3500 + vocabulary flashcards
3) Several Practice Qustion answer
4) Excellent app
5) Good ratting

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4) GRE Word List:

GRE Word List is best educational app for preparation GRE words easily and efficient way. In this app you can preparation approximately 4000 word and with different example sentence for easily preparation. If you wan’t to improve word vocabulary for GRE exam then must download this educational app.


1) Sound play available
2) 4000 GRE words with example
3) Require Network connection
4) Add your favorite words to list

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5) Magoosh GRE Preparation:

Magoosh GRE Preparation app is bets for learning verbal, math, animated lessons, watch GRE tutorials etc. In this educational app you can watch best GRE tutorilas, solve practice question, writing whatever you know and much more.


1) Cover 3 sections – Verbal, Math & Writing
2) 200 + Animated lesson
3) GRE Tutorials Video
4) Best describe every topic
5) Track your Study Progress report
6) Solved practice paper
7) Good ratting

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